so not OVER these adorable overalls

As I am in overalls lets get down to work lol.


These overalls are from sugar button boutique and have lots of nice detailing and come in several patterns.


The rack shows you all the patterns for sale at 150L. They don’t come with a shirt but its totally easy to grab a tank or t-shirt (has to be system layer) to wear under them tho you can go without a shirt if you are daring. LOL I totally made you wait for the best part. You can snag a free pair of these overalls on the lucky chairs like i did if you have a little time to hang around. There are 4 chairs with quick times so you will most likely be able to snag these and/or one of the other gifts of which there are serveral. There is also a MM board that always has something good up for grabs so give that a tap too. Best part you dont even have to join the group to take advantage of the gifts. Tho since the group is free to join and there are several gifts to snatch up i say well worth joining. So when you walk in head to the left of the overalls (front and center) for the group gifts. To the left into the 2nd room for the lucky chairs and MM board. Its totally worth a trip over to sugar buttons plus how can anyone with a sweet tooth resist a name like sugar buttons lol. I am gonna include a pic of my cute shoes in case you wanna grab a pair of those over at  YS&YS. Oh and since he just tugged on my pants leg I have to mention my little friend lol. He is from MishMish at the arcade (pigmy hippos) and he is the rare, I darn near fainted when i got him on the 1st pulled and skipped away happy.


Hope you have fun gardening or just hanging out relaxing in these cute overalls, enjoy!


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